Twiztid, Blaze and Dark Lotus CDs For Sale

Unfortunately, fam, the time has come when I have to pass on the great collection I’ve amassed. It’s not that I particularly want to give these things up, but I’ve been living under the constant threat of the state, the IRS, or my student loans being able to intercept all forms of my income and leave me broke and homeless and penniless without a chance of ever getting on my feet again. I can alleviate half of the stress by paying off a total of $1200 between the state of IL and the IRS. I’m supposed to be on a payment plan for both and even though I’ve been making payments I’m still constantly threatened that they will take 100% of my income at any given moment if I don’t pay the amount in full. And I can’t tell you how much that is wrecking my ability to function!!!!! So please don’t take this as I no longer care or that I’d no longer be down, and truly know that my prices listed are only me trying to recoup the $1200 I have to pay off and that doesn’t even get into the $1900 student loan that keeps harassing me either. I just need some peace of mind but also I would have to sell every single item to be able to pay off my taxes and this is what I want to do. So please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. because that can help me get everything sold too. Thank you.  

These are the rest of the CDs in the general (not signed) collection. Ideally I’d like to get $10 a CD and I know that’s steep considering no one really values them except collectors who want to have every single one, but you know I really live in fear every week of not getting paid because the government could take my check at any time and I know that at any moment I can be left with absolute zero. I can’t take the stress and I need to sell everything to get this off my back. I will accept offers for the full lot of CDs or for groups/packages of CDs. 

The price structure works like this: First number is the price you can pay me in person for it, the second number is for shipping within USA. I am working on a way to be able to take payments online as I can not use PayPal due to some (blood) family issues. But for now, the item is located in Chicago and you would need to pick it up from me in person.

Again, the price is not set to be a jerk or take advantage of fam. Thanks for understanding.

The CD’s in this collection are:

#11. MNE (Majik Ninja Entertainment) CD sampler
#12. Twiztid – Feed the Beast CD single
#13. Blaze – Rules to the Game CD single
#14. Blaze – Worm Food CD single
#15. Twiztid – A Place in the Woods VIP CD single
#16. Blaze – Casket Factory CD (sorry the picture of the cover will not upload)
#17. Twiztid – Mostateless (reissue) CD
#21. Twiztid – Man’s Myth Vol 2 CD/DVD
#22. Twiztid – The Green Book CD
#23. Dark Lotus – Opaque Brotherhood Deluxe Edition CD
#24. Jamie Madrox – Phatso CD
#25. Twiztid – Freekshow CD
#26. Twiztid – Mutant Vol 1 CD/DVD (no cae, in sleeve)
#27. Twiztid – The Darkness CD
#28. Twiztid – Mirror Mirror CD

Again, most CD’s $10, some are $8.


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